Class Descriptions

Level 1

This class provides detailed explanation of each posture. Breathwork, “basic” seated and standing postures, backbending and forward bending will be introduced, including the use of props. A great way to lay the foundation of your yoga practice or to enhance an established practice, this class is suitable for all guests and recommended for those that are new to yoga and/or Yoga Life.

Level 1-2

Building upon the foundation laid in Level 1, this class dives more deeply into the seated and standing postures, backbending and forward bending with an introduction to inversions. Incorporating basic elements of Yoga Life Creative Flow, moving on the breath and linking of postures is explored. This class is suitable for guests that have had an introduction to yoga and/or are new to Yoga Life and are looking to expand and/or enhance their practice.


Yoga Life Creative Flow consisting of a combination of vinyasa (moving on the breath) and holding of postures to build flexibility, strength and openness on many levels. Variations of postures will be offered, with an invitation for each guest to find the expression of the pose that is right for them in the moment. Appropriate for guests with some yoga experience to an established practice, we recommend you have familiarity with breathing and alignment basics.


A class for students of all levels and ages who are looking for a supportive, healing, nurturing, yet energizing Mindfullness practice. Each class contains light movement to “shake out” the day, breathing exercises (pranayama) and a guided meditation. Meditation is followed by relaxation (savasana) where students lay on their backs to absorb the healing effects of the process. We “seal” in the energy as a group seated, ground ourselves, and close our circle with a renewed energy.

Power Yoga

With a focus on strength, endurance and flexibility, this vinyasa-style class will get your energy and spirit soaring. Feel free to “power it up” to find your full potential while exercising the power to listen to what your body and breath are telling you. We recommend you have some yoga experience and familiarity with the postures for this class.

Warm Flow

Yoga Life Creative Flow in a warmed room, this vinyasa class (moving on the breath) will build strength, endurance and flexibility on many levels. A warmer studio encourages building a bit more heat to assist in the burning out of toxins and impurities. We recommend this class for guests with an established practice, familiarity with the asanas (poses), breathing and alignment basics.

Note: If you are predisposed to perspiring you may want to bring a towel or “yoga towel” to avoid slipping on your mat.

Meditation + Yoga

This class will incorporate Pranayama (breath awareness), gentle Asana (yoga poses) and guided Meditation to provide guests the opportunity to more fully explore the meditative aspects of their practice and ultimately, themselves. Cultivating a consistent meditation practice provides the foundation for regulating stress and creating a balance for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This class is appropriate for guests of all levels, long time meditators, those completely new to the practice and everyone in between.


An exciting fusion of Yoga and Pilates specifically designed to stretch and strengthen, the body, while eliminating stress or tension. Incorporating the flexibility and meditative elements of yoga with the core strengthening and stabilization of Pilates you will improve your posture, strengthen your body and elevate the spirit. Modifications are offered for all levels.

Physiyoga Strength Class

This strengthening physiyoga class will challenge you to make your yoga practice stronger, safer and more efficient by using your brain to make immediate gains. Expect to get stronger and more controlled in your yoga practice by performing isolated exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body, including your deep core, hips, shoulders, ankles and feet. By integrating the science of physical therapy and yoga, you will develop and understand functional strength and
mobility that will carry over into your daily life, everyday activities, sports and more. Resistance bands, blankets and balls will commonly be used in class. Diana is a co-founder of the Threes Physiyoga Method, which is taught and used around the country.

Recommended for all levels.

Kundalini Yoga and Gong

Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of awareness. The goal of the practice is to awaken the energy of consciousness so we can shed light on our self-imposed limitations and work through them. Each kundalini yoga class includes warm-ups, breathing techniques (pranayam), an exercise set (kriya), chanting, and meditation to create important shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. We utilize the gong to induce deep relaxation and to reorganize the subtle body, leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.

All levels welcome!

Yoga Basics

Ideal for students new to yoga or those seeking a gentle, slow paced yoga class. Gain a firm foundation for good alignment and technique with an introduction to yogic philosophy. Classes include the fundamentals of yogic breathing, meditation and a progression of poses starting from the ground up to standing. De-stress while gaining strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Learn to create relaxation and balance in your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Incorporating mantra, meditation and movement we will energize our intention and attention for creating moment-to-moment presence in experience. Calm the mind, relax the body, and awaken the spirit within. Transform stress to health.

This class is suitable for everyone!